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Welcome to Preston Shotokan. | Preston Shotokan

Welcome to Preston Shotokan.

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Preston Shotokan is one of Preston's longest established Karate clubs. Since the club formed by Sensei Andy Mcdonald (6th dan) over 30 years ago, it has developed a core of committed, hard training members who live by the clubs slogan, "full speed, full power".


New members of all ages are welcome and will receive first-rate karate sessions. Additionally, the club also runs a fitness club every Friday, where the main focus is building strength, endurance and speed.



Karate - Monday and Wednesday 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Fitness - Friday 7.00pm - 8.30pm


Feel free to leave a comment.. Check out the news for recent updates eg Courses, Important dates or gradings, Website will be updated on a regular basis Husar!


For more information please contact us on 01772 731 286




New Year New Start 2013

Number one 1 Karate club in Preston.

Fancy keeping fit? Learning techniques, Self defense? Opportunities in competing in tournaments or just fancy training, Then shotokan karate is for you,

Our Clubs motto .. Full Speed Full Power.. We recommend you come and see us, See the way we train, Each session we are learning something new. No matter what belt you are, there is always a way to progress in what-ever you do.

Many results, from competitions, Careers, ex students who have made something of them-self's, using the discipline they have learnt from karate training.

Get in touch, any information required, email the website below


Black-Belt Gradings Huge Success

 On behalf of Preston shotokan, Congratulations to Ryan & Lauren for passing there gradings.

      The gradings took place in Scunthorpe with head of the Hara Academy Sensei Ken Button.. Ryan & Lauren both trained in 2 hour session before the gradings took place.

The gradings have finally began, Starting of with Kumite ( Fighting ), Demonstrating attacks and defences, Moving onto Basics Kihon & Kata.

Well done to both our students from the Preston Shotokan club, Showing all the hard-work, dedication & training has paid of for the results you achieved.


Ryan vasey passed 1st Dan

Lauren Anderson passed 2nd Dan.


Another massive well done to the rest of the academy who passed there gradings, 

Jane Huges passed 1st Dan

Alex Gould passed 1st Dan

Alan Mcshane passed 1st Dan


More results to show the standard of Hara Shotokan Academy


Sensei Alan Hughes ( 5th Dan )

Preston shotokan club would like to say a huge thankyou to Sensei Hughes for the recent training session,

  It was a great session, Alan had thoughout a challenging routine, Starting of with basics gradully moving onto advance moves and footwork, This had everyone thinking,

Sensei Hughes then gave a demonstrate putting the routine into an attack and defence situation with a partner, This started of with basic Ippon-Kumite moving onto advanced kumite, After we practiced the moves and footwork, Sensei Hughes then moved the lesson on challenging the club to complete this to the clubs motto FULL SPEED FULL POWER,

Everyone enjoyed this session, We look forward to another excellent lesson with Sensei Alan Hughes ( Southport Instructor )

   Next time Sensei Hughes is at the club, We are going to film the routines and add them into the promos, So we have all the good sessions on film.


was a great lesson so wanted

was a great lesson so wanted to say a big thank you to Alan for coming down.  It definately got everyone thinking and working hard 

Joanne :)

Feedback on Sensei Hughes session

 It was a top session, Showing different movements of footwork, attacking and defending, Had everyone thinking.

Look forward to another one. Thanks alan

From Andy, Janet and Andy.


Guest Instructor Sensei Alan Hughes 5th Dan

      Sensei Alan Hughes, Will be down at the club for a training session on 27th February ( Monday )

        Usual training time.. 7.00 - 8.30   Please can everyone make sure they attend this session.

Southport Course

Thanks to Andy and those from your club who turned up for the course last Sunday. As usual everyone put in a lot of hard work and it was good to see the improvement in everyone's karate because of it. I'll sort out a date with Andy to come to your club to teach and hopefully see you all then. We'll also sort out a date for another course as long as they keep being well attended. There are some pictures on our website of the course (Course Pics)

Full Speed Full Power Present Kyu Gradings.

 Grading time has come again  8TH FEB....

     Due to the excellent results of the senior members of Preston Shotokan Club gradings its time for the Kyu gradings chance to shine and show what they can do.

   The Grading examiner will be the clubs Sensei, Andy Mcdonald. As we all know the gradings will be tough, If a student passes they know they will have been put through their paces!!

       We have 2 lessons left before the gradings, So time to practice every techinque so it is 100% perfect. Remeber any of the students need help on there syalbus Dont be afriad to ask for it, All the black belts are there to help you gain that next level.

  Good Luck to all the students going for there next grades.


Karate Course YMCA

Both Sensei Andy Mcdonald and Sensei Alan Hughes held another excellent course.

  Both instructors focused on all the different aspects involed in karate, It was a great turn out, Everyone enjoyed the sessions and all put 100% effort into there training. 

  Both Senseis would like to thank everyone for making the effort to come along and train and give all they had, It was another great course as Preston and Southport clubs got to partner with different oppositions.

The last few courses have had excellent attendance ( Lets keep it up ) As we look forward to the next one.


Sensei Andy Mcdonald and Alan Hughes

Sensei Andy Mcdonald and Sensei Alan Hughes...

                    Will be Holding a karate course on the 29th January 2012, The Main aspects of this course will be,

                                                                      Kata, Kumite and Kihon



         Southport YMCA Centre


Training Time and Cost

        Training Starts at 10am And will Finish at 12, The cost of the course is £5


              Everyone is welcome to come along and train, Past courses have had an excellent attendance and the attitude has been exaclty what the Instructors have wanted! Husar





Karate Dan Gradings ( October 2011 )

 Our Chief Instructor Sensei Ken Button ( 6th Dan ) had decided to hold a Training session, grading On the 22nd October.

    This was held in Scunthorpe were the other Part of the association are from, This gave the the Preston team a chance to train with other students in the same academy ( HARA )

   The training was held 1pm - 6pm intense training, This was tiring enough!! Joining the Instructors was Our very Own Sensei Andy Mcdonald Who never fails to instruct at a fast tempo, 

   Sensei Ken Button started of the day, By giving out the Information to everyone who attended, This was a nervous day as all Of us had the gradings in the back of Our mind, We knew we would be watched in the session aswell as the gradings, So Everyone trained By the Preston Clubs Motto ( FULL SPEED FULL POWER )

        We started of the training By Sensei Ken Button Putting everyone through their paces, To get the warm up completed we had sparring sessions, This was a big help as we could stretch of our techniques and work on attacks and defences, Sensei Button Delivered an excellent lesson which everyone will agree on, 

     As You achieve a high level in Karate, the gradings are alot tougher, When You reach brown belt and black, Your syalbus is Listed to numbers, So instead of being told what to do, The examiner will call out a number and You have to preform.

  After Sensei Buttons Lesson, It was time for the 1st Kyus ( Brown 2 Stripes ) to get the gradings on the go, During the gradings other members of the academy could either sit and watch, Or go outside and Practice there syalbus, Shortly after the Brown belts completed there Kihon ( Punches, Kicks, Blocks, Stances )

     First Kihon completed, After a short break, It was Sensei Dave Todds turn, ( Toddy Your Up ) Dave went through some of his application for his grading, Which was very advanced, It was a good session as Many of us have never used these attacks and defences before, Throughout Daves lesson he showed us the techinques slowly then demanded the tempo to be risen, We then got into Pairs so we could preform the attacks and defences, This helped as we could see exaclty how the moves were.

  After Dave Todds Lesson it was time for the 1st Dans to preform there grading, The higher You get the more you have to do, In the black belts grading, You have to show timing, stances, technique so You understand the movments you are applying,

    Also after the 1st Dans had completed the Kihon, It was time for the 2nd Dans to complete theres, Each grading had to step up there game, as the Brown belts had got the grading of to an excellent start.

   After Dave todd had held the lesson, It was his turn to show what he could do, Dave was not the only one going for this grade, Our very Own senior preston instructor Janet Mcdonald was going for this, They both showed there rank and Understading to complete the syalbus.

    Grading Kihon Completed Sensei Andy Mcdonalds Lesson,  We started of Practising the Hara Hieon Oyo, But this was Sensei Mcdonalds version, This included attacks and defences, also showing movement to deal with the people infront of us, After appling the kata in a group, We had to get into groups of 3, This was so people could attack from different directions like the Kata to be able to preform the moves, This was a intense lesson as Kicks and Punches were coming from all different angles and we had to put the kata into practice and demonstrate that it works.

   Shortly following the Sessions which all were such a high standard, It was time for a break, Sensei Button made an annoucement that after the break it was KUMITE.

      We then got sectioned of into Men and Women, In the mens Catergory Sensei Andy Mcdonald and Dave Todd were the officials and for the Women Sensei Janet Mcdonald and Ken Button, The fighting brought the best out of each indivual, This was a huge chance for people to express there selfs by showing of there favourite attacks to score the point, Throughout many of the fights we saw, Timing, Reaction, Speed, Fitness were the key to each one of us winning our fights.

     Kata time, This was the last part of the grading, By this point everyone had to bottle that last bit of energy to finish this grading of, We did the Katas in the same Order starting from brown belts, Right through to the 3rd Dans, We started of by completing the Kata of our choice, Being a higher rank You get a choice of about 2/3 katas You have to preform,

  With the Kata over We then had to apply parts of the kata on a partner, This was a huge success as it showed we understood exaclty what the movements were used for, We had to show the examiner first slowly, this was a test as he would watch carefully to see if the movements Used, Were the ones from the kata.

 Grading Completed, Results time, Sensei Button and Sensei Andy Mcdonald would call out the name, Comment on the grading then tell the Students the results,


1ST KYU                                                                                                     1ST DAN

Callum Mcmillan       Passed                                                          Andy Mcdonald Jnr    Passed

 Luke Todd                 Passed                                                               Ellie Parki               Passed

Ronan Kavanagh     Passed                                                             Shannon Galvin       Passed

Terrance Linnell       Passed                                                             Debbie Kavanagh   Passed


2ND DAN                                                                                                3RD DAN                                

Joanne Alker           Passed                                                              Janet Mcdonald   Passed

Nathan Storey        Passed                                                                Dave Todd           Passed

Emily Edwards       Passed

Sam Todd               Passed


   Each student who graded, the day couldnt of got better, 

As a special mention .. The next 3 names were Called out indivually,

 Andy Mcdonald Jnr  - Sensei Button complimented Mcdonald By saying he was above his Level and awarded him straight through to 3RD DAN ( DOUBLE GRADED )

Janet Mcdonald - Sensei Button Complimented Janet, as though she didnt have a clue about the grading, she was put through the paces and completed it to a high level. ( 4TH DAN )

Dave Todd - Sensei Button Complimented Toddy for an excellent grading and for an excellent training session ( 5TH DAN DOUBLE GRADED )


    This was a huge event for the Hara Academy, As we havent trained together for a while. This just showed that we all train to such a high standard! 

      This couldnt of happened if it wasnt down to the Instructors, Sensei Andy Mcdonald ( Preston Club ) Training at the clubs Motto always ( Full Speed, Full power ) and Sensei Ken Button ( Scunthorpe Club ) putting them through there paces all the time, A big thankyou to Great role model instructors.



Sensei Alan Hughes 5th Dan

 Sensei Alan started the session of with Movement to get the body then warm, Moving onto stretching.

First part of the lesson was practising a well throughout combo, Main aspects being reverse punch, moving the hips and movement, We had completed the left side after everyone managed to Understand the movements required, Then came onto Practising and demonstrating the moves on the other side, This was a challenge as most of us Struggled to complete the first side!!

We then practised the First Heian Kata ( Shodan ) We practised the timing, Moving onto advanced movement adding breathing into this exercise, This was to help our speed and preparation before exploding into the moves.

After completeing the Katas we moved onto (Heian Yondan) Green Belt - We had practised the Kata both slowly showing of the form then going onto the timing we have in Our academy, Adding the breathing exercise into this to help as this was a long kata, The Kata was completed, Now time for the Application, This was a well thoughout bunkai which explained what every move in the kata could be used for, Using different Partners this helped as we tried it FULL SPEED FULL POWER!!

Sensei Alan Hughes Lesson

 On behalf of the Preston Shotokan Club, We thank Sensei Hughes for a great lesson, Showing Explaining and understanding to help preform the Kata moves in Bunkai Form!

  Thanks Alan!!

Brown and Black Belt Course, Followed By Gradings.

 Saturday 22nd October,

   A Course is being Held in Scunthorpe with the Cheif Instructor of Hara Academy Sensei Ken Button 6th Dan and also Sensei Andy Mcdonald 5th Dan both will be taking the Course,

The hall has been booked for 1pm - 6pm, Training starts at 1pm.

  Throughout this Event a grading will be taking place, Giving all the senior members of the Academy a chance to improve their ranking throughout the Karate ladder,

All Preston Shotokan would Like to give a hugh Support to 3 members of the club, Who will be preforming the grading at the Clubs Motto FULL SPEED FULL POWER,

Massive good Luck to ....

                                            Andy Mcdonald Jnr

                                            Nathan Storey

                                            Joanne Alker


Sensei Andy Mcdonald 5th Dan

 Sensei Andy Mcdonald Will be holding a training Session in Southport On 25th October

   Please can all the Preston Shotokan members make sure they attend this Session, To show Support to Sensei Alan Hughes Club, Also gain Experience training with different Karate students, Dont Hide in Your own Club!


Guest Instructor Sensei Alan Hughes 5th Dan

    Sensei Alan Hughes, Will Be Down At The Club For A Training Session On 24th October

    Usual Time 7.00-8.30pm     Please can everyone make sure they attend this session.

Big thanks to Sensei Andy Jnr

 just like to say a massive thanks to Andy jnr for teaching this week while Andy and Jan have been holiday. Both Friday night sessions have been fantastic doing plenty of padwork, fitness and weight training without any breaks in between and really making sure everyone got the best they possibly could out of it. The monday and wednesday sessions again involved a number of well thought out fitness circuits and drills, which not only tired everyone out and pushed everyone, but also involved aspects of karate and kumite too which everone found challenging. 

Thanks again :) 

Karate Course Southport YMCA ( 28th August )

Sensei Andy Mcdonald and Sensei Alan Hughes...


          Will be holding a Karate course on the 28th August, The venue is Southport YMCA centre, 

          Training Times 10am - 12am,  The cost of the Course is £5

           This Karate course will consist of 3 major aspects, Kihon, Kata, Kumite


This is the Second time the course is running, Great turn out for the last event, So same again this time!!       

                                      Everyone Welcome Husar.

Preston Shotokan Grading

   Sensei Andy Mcdonald would like to say a huge well done to all the students for their efforts in tonights grading.

           The standard was excellent, Only a few graded but all the lot of them had put all their hearts into this, This showed the talent Preston Shotokan has, Since the last grading the bar had been raised again.

A Few special well dones need to be appreciated, First of all......

Gerry Gregoire, What can we say.. An excellent grading, Showed power, Speed, Form, This was Gerrys first grading so the nerves had to be there, Gerry demonstrated many different techinques which impressed the grading examiner ( Sensei Hughes ) He had preformed the basic punches, strikes, Kicks to the best of his abilites, Gerrys hard work in training had paid of as he showed the level he trains at which set the standard for the night. Gerry double graded, He showed that his understanding of Karate was far more than his grade so the examiners decided to Pass twice. ( Red Belt Double Graded ) Top Draw Gerry well done.

Byrce Hamilton at only a young age he showed his understanding of karate demonstrating basic punches and kicks, Byrce never misses a lesson, He tries so hard for a lad at the age of 6, Everything tonight Byrce did proved he listens and had the courage to stand up infront of alot of adults and show what he can do ( Orange belt ) Well done byrce.

Connor Hamilton yet another young lad who had a tough grading alot to remeber and alot to demonstrate, He did this to the best of his abilites which we are proud of him for this, Connors kumite ( Fighting) Was top draw, He showed the attacks and defense which he needed to score the points, Connor is only 3 of black belt, ( Brown belt ) Well Done Connor

Ryan Vasey one of, If not the toughest grading of the night, He had to show the form, Timing, Fitness which ryan has. His grading involed demonstrating techinques, Katas which he had to preform 8 to the clubs motto Full Speed Full Power, This grading had alot of Physical demands which ryan was more than capable of. Ryan now is one of black belt, So to have him thinking he was challenged throughout the grading to preform katas Ura ( Opposite side ) This was a tester to see if he could acheive it, But Ryan being Ryan showed exactly what he could do. ( One of black belt, Brown 2 stripes ) Well Done Ryan

      This grading was a huge success, Each student had proved that all their hard work and efforts in the training session had paid of, The clubs motto, Full Speed Full Power was proudly shown tonight, For soo many passes this shows the Standard of what Preston Shotokan trains at, Each student turns up to all the sessions and all give 100% this showed the talent they have, A big well done to everyone though, You all deserved it , New belts for everyone :)

     This grading couldnt have taken place without the Main examiner instructor Sensei Alan Hughes, We thank Alan very much for taking the time out to put the Preston Shotokan Team through there paces demanding a high standard of karate, All the students couldnt thank Alan enough. We Look forward to training with Sensei Hughes the Following Monday.

 Last but not least A very big thankyou to Sensei Andy Mcdonald from all the students who passed, This couldnt of been achiveable if it wasnt for the tution from Sensei Mcdonald, The Club trains at such high standard which the results of  gradings prove this. 

andy mcdonald ( Jnr ) Husarrrrrrr!!!!


grading success

Massive congratuations to all who graded. Everyone performed really well doing themselves, and the club proud, and the results they got were well deserved :) Big thank you to sensei hughes aswell for taking the time to come over and do the grading  :)


Its a great achievement for me to finally grade. I was gob smacked that i jumped to red belt. Everyone did brill today. A big thanks goes out to everyone at the club, especially Sensei who always keeps the standard and expectations high - great to be apart of a fantastic club...FULL SPEED FULL POWER! (Gerry Jnr)

Feedback Grading...

 Nothing else i can add, A massive well done to you all, Knew each and everyone of you could pass, Shows that giving all in the sessions pays of, Wel done.  Look forward to wearing Your new belts i did haha :)

Grading With Sensei Alan Hughes

  The grading will be take place on Wednesday 13th July, The examiner is Sensei Alan hughes 5th Dan

      The grading will start at 7.00pm,  

      Good luck to all the Preston Shotokan team who are grading, Time to show what you can do!


Boxercise Event Huge Success

 Sensei Andy Mcdonald held the session with the main aspects focusing on, Fitness, Boxing, Endurance training. The session was designed to put everyone through there paces. The session had start of being split into two groups, One group went outside in the carpark and Completed 10 laps which the pace had started to increase by every lap we did. The other group had stayed inside the Gym worked on technique, Movement, Reactions for a fighting situation, Both warm ups were designed too get the heartrate working before the session had begun.

              After the running and technique training, We then had to pair up with someone from a different club, This wasnt to see who was better, It was to help our partners improve as every single person held different levels of fitness. We started of with the basic padwork moving in attacking and moving out, This helped the footwork to keep us on our toes with speed being the main aspect of this exercise, We started off getting used to the punches, attacking in more than ones which is the clubs motto!. It was intresting as we didnt know what our partner had to offer. After practicing slowly we could then step up our game and work for a full two minute round, Soon as the first person had finished it was a straight switch so Our partner could have a go aswell, After both partners had broke into a sweat, We had to change partners straight away so we werent getting used to the same one, This helped as each partner demanded different levels of fitness.

Finshing with the padwork we thought it was a break, But never in the bulldog gym, It was something else added to the sequence, We had to punch to whatever our partner demanded and how many aswell, Adding into this each time we finished a combo, Press up in between this was a challenge, As quick as going down, had to be quick to get back up. This was a great fitness exercise as everyone had put all there efforts into it.

Drink time ....... Having our two minute break it was straight back into the action being split up into small groups all had different challenges, My group had to complete 3 laps of the stairs up and down which we had set the tempo alot faster each time we hit the bottom, Acrossing the landing and then back into the gym, The other groups had completed the same but on a different area of the building, Everyone had then gathered back into the gym after the run thinking it was finishing time, But noo that never hit Sensei Andy Mcdonalds mind, It was leap frogging your partner, This was a huge challenge as the legs were shaking from the run, After both partners had completed that it was stomach time, We did many different stomach exercises which everyone will feel the effects of it tomorrow. Top draw session.

Preston Shotokan Karate team, Would like to thank Lytham/St Annes Instructor Gerry Gregoire and the team for the training session. Also thanks to Gerry Gregoire again for the photos and recording of the fitness, But big thankyou to Sensei Andy Mcdonald for putting everyone through there paces, This was a huge sucess and Sessions like that between both clubs should happen again.

Everyone who attented the session, Please feel free to comment and give feedback On what you enjoyed.. This can help for next time as we know what to include, Check the pages Updated always!

Preston Shotokan ( Andy mc Jnr )


boxercise session

Really was one of the best fitness sessions we've had in a while and defunately did provide a challenge for everyone who trained. Was absolutely knackered by the end of it but was well worth it and should happen again very soon :)

Boxercise Session..

 Beasting session, Padwork fitness Top draw, Should happen again soon, Well done to everyone for turning up


Boxercise Trains With Preston Shotokan

Sensei Andy Mcdonald will be holding a Boxercise, Fitness, Padwork Session tomorrow Monday 11th July at the club, Everyone is welcome. During the session planned there is a club coming to train with the Preston Shotokan Team, The clubs instructor Gerry Gregoire from Lytham/ St Annes is a very good friend of Sensei Andy Mcdonald, This will give a huge expierence to everyone as they can gain new friends and also work with different people with different levels of fitness. Sensei Andy Mcdonald cant wait to put everyone through there paces. 

Hope everyone can make this Event, Remeber own clothes not Karate suits

 A full write up on the lesson will be done Monday night, Please feel free to comment and give feedback on the session.


Karate Course Huge Sucess

 Sensei Andy Mcdonald and Sensei Alan Hughes ( Southport) Held a 2 hour training course focusing the main aspects on Kumite Kata Kihon....

     Both Senseis would like to thank everyone for turning up and putting all there effort into training. The adults started off with Sensei Alan Huges teaching different movements of Kumite, Moving onto kihon also adding advanced applications working in both pairs and groups of 3. We then practised all the different types of kicks Forwards and backwards, switching sides as to make it a difficuilt challenge of movement..We had practiced our techniques slowly then changed with different partners both using the attacks and defences.

   Sensei Andy Mcdonald had started off teaching the juniors, Putting them through their paces adding Kumite and kata applications, The main focus was kihon, Using this to show how to demonstrate the kihon in a well thoughtout application. Sensei Andy then had the juniors practising their kicks, Using the flexbility of speed and power kicking, The juniors  then advanced onto their Katas working at a slow speed to start off with focusing on the stances and form, Soon as that had been achieved, They then moved onto the clubs motto Full Speed Full Power to demonstrate the timing, speed and power for the excellent katas produced.

     We then had a well deserved break which we all needed, Shortly after we were back into the training, Both senseis had switched classes now the adults having Sensei Andy and the juniors having Sensei Alan. Sensei Andy started off with some advanced movement of punches attacking forward and defending going back, This helped as we paired up to run through what we had practiced as a pair, It was a difficuilt challenge which once we had practiced enough we could attempt to full speed full power, This started with attacking to the face ( Jordan) also second time round stomach ( Chudan) after practicing both attacks and defence we then swapped partners to make this challenge even more difficuilt, We then got into groups of our belt rank and practiced a choice of the higher katas which Black belts did ( Empi) also other Katas ( Bassai Dai).. After retaining our breath we moved onto different directional attacks slowly practicing with reserve punch whilst adding something else on every turn, Eg front kick feet together returning the foot and switching sides which was a huge challenge, We finished off the lesson with some exercises both on cardio and endurance. Sensei Alan had the younger section practicing their basic punching applying the right format Eg timing power speed, This helped improved the juniors punching as they were instructed by Sensei Alan (5th Dan) After Alan was impressed with what he saw, He then practiced some Kumite drills leading into Sparring bouts, Where both pairs had to show the movement practiced trying to find the best attack of both punches and kicks which could help them improve and also find the correct targets for theie attacks, Sensei Alan then had the juniors swapping so everyone got a chance to show what they could do with everyone in there class, This helped as swapping partners ment different challenges, Eg belt rank or height, Sensei Alan  finished off with some fitness Including sprints team games and different mixes of exercises.

Both lessons helped everyone who attended both physically and mentally

    Sensei Andy Mcdonald and Sensei Alan Huges were impressed by everyones effort and by everyone turning up a big thankyou to the Senseis for 2 great lessons.

Lesson review

I really enjoyed the lesson first training with sensei hughes then with sensei mcdonald some really interesting combinations and great lessons overall i also enjoyed training with different people at a great club.

Nathan Feedback (Course)

 Thanks alot Nath for taking the time out to give us a comment on the course, Appreciate you turning up and training well done!

Preston Shotokan!

Karate Course

I would also like to add a BIG thank you to both senseis, Andy and Alan. Just getting back in to training at Southport with Sensei Hughes and now having the privilege of training under Sensei Mcdonald also - this is only the second occasion but looking forward to more in the future. Hopefully, this course will become a regular event in both the club's calendars.

Preston and Southport club's came together in a collective spirit of friendship and commitment to traditional shotokan karate. I would also like to thank those karateka who assisted me, by guiding and correcting me as to the proper sequence of technique during sparring; namely, both of them a Mcdonald (mum and son). I will eventually get it right!

At Southport there is a strong core of dedicated karateka, none more so than the Sensei Hughes family (Alan, Jane and Danny); so it is good to see exactly the same at Preston with the Sensei Mcdonald family and I believe almost the entire Preston club turned out to support the course!... obviously a club with a strong and dedicated following!!!

Paul Robinson

Karate Course Paul Robinson

 A really big thankyou Paul for the comment, It was nice to see you took the time to give feedback on the course. Glad you enjoyed it and hope theres many more. ( Mcdonald Family)


karate course

Thank you to both sensei's Andy and Alan for a fantastic lesson. It was definately a good idea to split the lesson in half giving everyone the chance to train with both instructors and keeping everyone focused and interested. I really enjoyed training with different people as it helps improve my own karate by training with different people. 

Thanks again to sensei's Andy and Alan :)

Joannes Feedback ( Course )

 Thanks alot joanne for taking the time out to give us a comment on the course, Appreciate you turning up and training well done!

Preston Shotokan

Karate Course Feedback

 Both Lessons were a physical and mental challenge, Different applications Movement footwork techniques helping us all improve our general karate.

   Thanks to both Senseis for a great course, Hopefully same again soon

   Husar Andy Mcdonald Jnr

Ryan Vasey Lesson

  Clubs instructor Sensei Andy Mcdonald would Like to thank Ryan for a excellent training session. Ryan is our youngest higher grade, He started off with some exercises for the warm up, Practised the first kata Once slow the once full speed full power, Moving onto 2 well thoughtout combos that had taken time and effort to plan out, Applying the combos for each kata we did, Ryan had then thought of an excellent padwork routine using both punches and kicks, Finishing the lesson with Team kumite ( Sparring), Grading kata slowly to work on our form and stances.

We would like to thank Ryan for a great session

Preston Shotokan

ryans lesson

i would just like to take this oppertuninty to say thanks for giving me the oppertuninty to take the lesson and thanks for the support everyone has given me at the club. thanks everyone ryan vasey

ryan's lesson

 thanks a lot for the lesson ryan. really well thought out applications and pad work and well taught too. well done :)

Ryans session

 Good session tonyt razza, Good combos and well thoughtout padwork routines, Specially the team fighting at the end husarr! Wel done ryan!

Black Belt Sessions Completed!

  Clubs instructor Sensei Andy Mcdonald would Like to thank all the black belts for the Last 2 weeks of the training sessions.. Each black belt took turns to each teach a session for a hour and half on something they had thought out or something in Karate they Particular take an intrest in, Eg, Kumite ( Fighting) Kata, Applications, Combos, Fitness, Exercises. 

We are hoping to video each black belts main part of the lesson, So we can Upload these and Show what we have to offer when it comes to thinking by Ourselves.

A Big thankyou to Sensei Andy Mcdonald for giving Us this chance to gain expierence.. Looking forward to training as usual from next Monday onwards and Hopefully in the near future be able to teach again.

 Well Done to each black belt and also the Lower grades for turning up for us to teach!

    Husarrr :)


Lauren Anderson Session

 Clubs instructor Sensei Andy Mcdonald would Like to thank Lauren for a excellent training session. Lauren started of with Some warm up exercises, Started of with partner work Using the 1st dan Black belt punches then advancing onto 3rd Dan Punches, This then was advanced onto an application which we applied in partners, Each time we advanced we went through all the katas Upto 3rd Kyu, Once slow for form then second Full speed ful power, Finishing of with Ju-Ippon ( High advanced sparring)

We would Like to thank Lauren for a great session

Preston Shotokan

lauren's lesson

thanks for your lesson lauren. Your application definately got me thinking and the lesson was packed full of different things to keep us all on our toes and keep the lesson moving

thanks again and well done :)

Feedback For The Sessions

 Well planned out applications and Combos... Kept us working to a fast tempo throughout the lesson

Nice one lauren Husarr!

Nathan Storey Session

  Clubs instructor Sensei Andy Mcdonald would Like to thank Nathan for a excellent training session. Nathan started of by with some warm up exercises Moving onto a application he had thought of, In partners them moved into groups of 3 to apply this application further and Progressed into some sparring, Finishing with grading combinations.

      Thankyou nathan for a well thoughout lesson

Preston Shotokan

Lesson feedback

I really enjoyed taking the lesson next time i will try to remember the combinations better lol but some good experience cant wait to do it again...

Nathans Session Feedback

 Thanks nath for a great session, Good application which well done for thinking of and applying it to our partners, Finishing of with Some sparring bouts with a different opponent  moving towards Ju-ippon an advance sparring bout, Demanding challenges in everything we did, Husarr

Nice one nath by andy jnr

Andy McDonald Jnr. Session

  Clubs instructor Sensei Andy Mcdonald would Like to thank Andy Jnr for his hard work and dedication for teaching the clubs session, The lesson contained, Sparring and Sparring applications, Kata, Fitness, Exercises Fighting Techniques.

We would like to Andy for his well thoughtout lesson


 Feedback and comments are always welcome,  Husar


Lesson feedback

again another very enjoyable lesson with fitness and some well thoughtout kumite combinations well done...

Andy Jnr. lesson

 definately a well planned out lesson. A mentally and physically challenging session with a good mix of both kumite, and a difficult application. Definately tiring, but i thoroughly enjoyed it 

thanks andy, cant wait for the next time you teach. :) 

Sensei Janet Mcdonald (3rd Dan) Sensei Joanne Alker ( 2nd Dan)

 Clubs instructor Sensei Andy Mcdonald would Like to thank both Janet and Joanne for there hard work and dedication for teaching the clubs session, Both lessons had been well thoughtout and planned,

We would like to thank Janet and Joanne for the contribuition to the club

Sensei Andy Mcdonald